Alloy and Steel Access towers

In accordance with company policy only towers designed and manufactured to the latest European standards are stocked. Ease of assembly, versatility, quality, security and safety are essential requirements when considering Span, Stairway or Ladder Frame towers.

SPAN TOWERS- are available in two frame widths 0.7m or 1.35m and three bay sizes 2m, 2.5m, and 5m to permit greater flexibilty. Consisting of three, four or five rung frames, Span towers provide maximum platform options and utilisation of components.

STAIRWAY TOWERS- offer a rigid structure with 45 degree integral ladders and bannister braces for easy and safe access to platforms at all heights. Designed to provide more headroom between platforms they are suitable for internal and external work.

LADDER FRAME TOWERS- are strong and durable allowing speedy and safe working platforms. With increased emphasis on safety as a major feature the rungs of the ladders are manufactured from ribbed tube to give the user better grip.