Ancillary Products

SCAFFOLD SHEETING- for temporary containment and weather protection. Manufactured from reinforced polyethylene and specially developed to withstand extremes of weather and everyday rigours of site use. Special flame retardent sheeting is also available where the application is in high risk fire areas and/or safety critical installations.

DEBRIS NETTING- in rot proof fine mesh knitted fabric material with buttonhole eyelets along each edge and throughout in parallel rows allowing total flexibility in fixing & reduce the risk of small objects or tools falling outside the work area.

ORANGE PLASTIC SAFETY BARRIER- giving maximum visibility manufactured from tough polythene in a mesh configuration.

POLYTHENE REINFORCED TARPAULINS- with extra strong eylets for heavy duty tasks. A lightweight economical version with brass eyelets also available. Both qualities come in a variety of sizes.

Other products readily available include;
Brick guards, Galvanised corrugated sheets, Road forms,
Trench sheets, Gin wheels, Sign board frames, Railway sleepers,
Steel post pallets, Steel fitting bins, Safety harnesses, Unit beams,
Protective clothing, Ladders beams & Aluminium lattice beams